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Welcome To Santana Beach Resort

Our History

Santana Beach Resort is the culmination of a lengthy project named Quinta Costa Frias (Quinta meaning village in Portuguese and Costa Frias the family name), started many years ago as a childhood dream. It was the dream of a very energetic and determined man, known as Olegario Da Costa Frias.

Sadly Olegario was not able to accomplish his dream during his lifetime, so the next generation, his children decided to see this dream fulfilled. And to guide them through the perils of completing the construction was Olegario's younger brother Desiderio Da Costa Frias.

At every corner of the way Desiderio was there to help and advise, his gentle nature and love for this ancestral land was a huge inspiration. Like his sibling Desiderio, affectionately knows as U.Didi, was also not able to see the project through to completion and left us just months before the opening.

But For Nigel, Verner and Leanne these two men remain role models and somewhere from above their father/uncle are watching over them and raising a glass to their achievements so far.

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